Adam’s Peak

A sacred pilgrimage Revered by Sri Lankans of all major faiths, Adam’s Peak is the site of an annual pilgrimage, several small temples and the most breathtaking views that go as far as the coastline.

Arugam Bay

One of the world’s best surfing destinations. The hippest destination for surfers and backpackers in Sri Lanka, this charming village is considered one of the best places to surf in the world, and is very close to the Kumana National Park and an ancient monastery.


Spot the elusive Sri Lankan leopard The best destination for leopard safaris in Sri Lanka, this national park is also home to elephants and bears as well as over 215 bird species, and even has a beach to enjoy.


Description: The last kingdom of Sri Lanka, located in the Central Province, draws in tourists and Buddhist devotees to its sacred temples, including the Sri Dalada Maligawa that houses the sacred tooth relic of the Lord Buddha.


Barely discovered till a few years ago, Mirissa is one of the most popular destinations for travellers and surfers, and the best place in Sri Lanka to spot the magnificent blue whale.


Sitting in the north of the island, this ancient city is slowly being restored to its former glory, with attractions like the magnificent Nallur Kovil and Point Pedro, the northernmost tip of the island.


Nestled between the Puttalam Lagoon and Indian Ocean, this quiet area is one of the best places to go dolphin and whale watching, and is home to an old Dutch fort a famous Catholic festival.


One of the most bathable beaches in Sri Lanka, this town is one of the most-visited in the Southern Coast because of its cheap hotels and guesthouses, stylish cafes and bars, and parties that go on all night.


Famous for the Old Dutch Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this coastal town is now a tourist hotspot, with boutique hotels, upscale shops, art galleries, and trendy bars and restaurants.


The first kingdom of Sri Lanka, this sacred city is the location of the revered Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree as well as ruins of ancient temples, monasteries, palaces and shrines that were built several thousands of years ago.