Cultural Tour of Galle

Galle has long served as the home for a diverse group of communities, from early Sinhala and Moor settlers to European colonists. Each of these communities had significant influence on the architecture, culture and lifestyles that are still seen in this historic city.

Botanical Gardens Visit with a Botanist

Wander through the fragrant pathways of the Royal Botanical Gardens and learn more about the ecology and horticulture of Sri Lanka by exploring the several plants and flowers, from both Sri Lanka and many parts of the world.

Temple Tour of Kandy

This excursion takes you to fourth of Kandy’s most revered Buddhist temples as well as the famed Royal Botanical Gardens. Visit the Lankathilaka Temple, considered one of the best preserved examples of Buddhist temple architecture; the Gadaladeniya Temple, which is of South Indian origin and houses a Hindu shrine; the Embakke Temple, which has impressive facade carved of wood; and the Degaldoruwa Temple, which has exquisite Kandyan art and painted walls within its complex.

Horton Plains and Trekking

Trek through the mystical Horton Plains and end up at the world-famous World’s End. The UNESCO Heritage Site is one of the most delightful adventures for anyone who enjoys trekking through lush hills.

Whale watching in Mirissa and Trincomalee

A little known fact, although having slowly gained attention over the last ten years, is that Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world to spot the elusive blue whale. The world’s largest living mammal can be seen from the Southern and Eastern coasts during two seasons.

Ride a bullock cart in among nature and ancient ruins

Hop on a traditional bullock cart and ride through the village of Habarana or Dambulla, just like the villagers did back in the day. The bullock cart is a two-wheeled, wooden vehicle, and was the main mode of transportation for Sri Lankans before motor vehicles became popular. It’s still fairly common to see these being used in some of the most rural parts of the island!

White water rafting in Kitulgala

The go-to destination for daredevils, Kitulgala is most popular for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. It’s frequented by both locals and tourists who come here for the adrenaline rush of the many water sports and activities offered here.

Hot air ballooning over the Cultural Triangle

Enjoy romantic and panoramic views of Sri Lanka’s most important historical sites from a hot air balloon, which launches next to the serene Kandalama Reservoir.

A boat ride among the dolphins

Take a boat ride on the Kalpitiya sea and watch massive pods of dolphins spin and play tricks! Since 2005, the charming village of Kalpitiya has become the most popular destination for dolphin watching in Sri Lanka, and it’s possible to spot several species here, such as the spinner (the most common), bottle-nosed, risso and Indo.

Canoe along the Samanala Weva

Literally named after the Sinhala word for ‘butterfly’, the Samanala Weva is perfect for a peaceful canoe ride along its serene waters. The area is populated by hundreds of species of butterflies, but the reservoir most likely also received its name because of its butterfly-like shape.