Ride a bullock cart in among nature and ancient ruins

Hop on a traditional bullock cart and ride through the village of Habarana or Dambulla, just like the villagers did back in the day. The bullock cart is a two-wheeled, wooden vehicle, and was the main mode of transportation for Sri Lankans before motor vehicles became popular. It’s still fairly common to see these being used in some of the most rural parts of the islan>

Explore the jungles and paddy fields surrounding the town of Habarana, and the tanks and ancient ruins of the historical city of Dambulla, all while experiencing an age-old way of travelling. You’ll also be able to see firsthand the lifestyles of the villagers living here, and enjoy a simple, traditional meal made from local ingredients. 

Important Facts
Location: Habarana / Dambulla
Recommended Visiting Hours: Morning or evening

Duration: 1-2 hours