Further south from the tourist hotspot of Galle, is a quiet village that has been coming up as one of the most attractive destinations for travellers looking for some sun and sea. Today, the coast along Mirissa is lined with cafes, restaurants, bars and small nightclubs, drawing both budget and high-end tourists as well as locals. 

Mirissa is also considered one of the best locations on the island to spot blue whales. The season for whale watching begins in November and continues until April. It’s rare that one would not see this majestic creature - the largest mammal on water - swimming lazily through the pristine waters of the area. It’s also home to several other types of whales, including fin, sei and sperm whales as well as orcas. What makes these excursions extra delightful are the large pods of dolphins who spin and play tricks alongside the boats. 

Over the last few years, Mirissa has also picked up as popular surfing destination, especially for those at beginner and intermediate levels. The rising number of surfer and backpacker hostels in the area makes it possible for both young and old surfers to visit and take advantage of the big waves during the season. 

If you prefer swimming and snorkeling, there are a couple of beaches that are ideal for these activities, especially the main Mirissa and Polhena beaches. There is also a secret beach that has become more known to the public; just ask a more experienced visitor or search Google Maps for the exact location.

This year, government authorities took strict measures to ensure that all properties along the beach here adhered to the relevant laws and regulations. This ensures a safe environment for tourists and better quality establishments that offer great food, accommodation and entertainment.