Botanical Gardens Visit with a Botanist

Wander through the fragrant pathways of the Royal Botanical Gardens and learn more about the ecology and horticulture of Sri Lanka by exploring the several plants and flowers, from both Sri Lanka and many parts of the world.

The beautiful gardens here are said to have first been established here in the 14th Century, for the Queen to enjoy. Later, in the 18th Century, it served as the residence of a Prince. It wasn’t until 1821 was it reopened as the botanical garden for education and research purposes. 

Meet a botanist, who will take you through the pristine lawns, pavilions and plant houses, and show you the gardens’ most impressive exhibits; such as the orchids, palms, cannonball fruit tree, Burma bamboo (which stand at 40 metres) and the large Javan fig tree. 

Location: Peradeniya

Duration: Approximately two hours

Best Time to Visit: 9am to 5 pm