Cultural Tour of Galle

Galle has long served as the home for a diverse group of communities, from early Sinhala and Moor settlers to European colonists. Each of these communities had significant influence on the architecture, culture and lifestyles that are still seen in this historic city. 

Take a day to explore the old buildings of this area. Explore the long, winding streets of the world-famous Galle Fort, which was first built by the Portuguese and fortified by the Dutch colony. Visit the impressive mosques and churches that remain here, and spend some time at the museums learning more about the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Drop in at the galleries and boutiques that have now opened up to draw the new age traveller, and enjoy delicious local and international dishes and beverages that are offered by the hip cafes, bars and restaurants that line the cobbled streets of the fort. 

Location: Galle

Duration: Approximately six hours

Best Time to Visit: 9am to 5 pm