White water rafting in Kitulgala

The go-to destination for daredevils, Kitulgala is most popular for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. It’s frequented by both locals and tourists who come here for the adrenaline rush of the many water sports and activities offered here.
The Kitulgala river originates from near the Adam’s Peak and hosts rapids between grades 2 and 3. The 6.5-kilometre stretch takes about anywhere between an hour or two to complete. There are several rapids here that are both exciting and challenging, such as the ‘Killer Fall’ and the ‘Rib Cage’. The area is also breathtakingly beautiful and the calmer stretches of the river allow for a relaxing boat ride or refreshing swim.
The best times to visit Kitulgala are from May to December, although it can easily be visited throughout the year. As the river is controlled by the dam, keep in mind that the water levels can be quite low in April and high during the monsoon season.

Important Facts
Location: Kitulgala
Recommended Visiting Hours: Morning, before 3.00 Pm
Duration: 1.30 – 2.30 hours